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The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH), in face of the tragic events the Palestinian people are going through in Gaza, fulfills its duty to manifest the following : We declare our adhesion to the words of comrade Evo Morales, founder of the Network in Defense of Humanity, president of the Plurinacional State of Bolivia declaring Israel a terrorist state.

We further manifest our absolute rejection of the genocide against the Palestinian people by a State founded on the remains and colonial occupation of Palestinian territories. We recognize and express our solidarity with the historical struggle of the Palestinian people and its organizations of resistance, especially in Gaza against the attempt of Israel to exterminate it and strip what is left of their homeland.

We condemn the imperialist role of the United States that feeds and supports politically, financially and militarily Israel in face of the unbelievable inaction of the UN Security Council whose resolutions on Palestine have been systematically and with impunity by Washington. A United States that demonstrates its hypocrisy and cynicism of its actions throughout history, threatening with sanctions against the peoples of Latin America, Africa and Eurasia that defend their sovereignty while it supports the actions of Israel. We accuse the complicity of these actions, by omission in some cases of the governments of the European Union as well as unconditional support of the media obeying the dictates of Washington. Stop Now ! Calling this genocide a war perpetrated by one of the best armed armies in the world against peoples whose defensive resources are infinitely less in number and quality ! We call on you to join the campaign for the Boycott, lack of investments and sanctions against the terrorist state of Israel. It is now time for solidarity to be active and creative further from the statements of condemnation. We have failed to over 1 600 persons killed in Palestine in recent weeks as well as the 9 000 wounded since the terrorist campaign called hypocritically “Protection Margin”.

We demand an end to apartheid, genocide as well as the walls and illegal settlements. We insist on the governments of the world to demand Israel to comply with the resolutions of the UN Security Council and force their withdrawal from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, return to the borders prior to the “Six Days War” (1967) and insure the return of Palestinian refugees as established by the Resolution No. 242 of November, 1967, a resolution that has yet to be complied with by the State of Israel. We defend a real political solution of the conflict in Palestine on the basis of a dialogue, negotiation and existence of two equal states with definite borders and recognized internationally. A solution that requires the immediate lifting of the blockade of Gaza and liberation of all the Palestinian political prisoners. We congratulate the posture of solidarity of the governments of ALBA, Mercosur and other governments of the South against the barbarous conduct of Israel in Gaza. Using ours the words of revolutionary Nelson Mandela who said : “we now too well that our freedom will be incomplete without the freedom of Palestine” ; we affirm that Israel has lost morally and politically this battle against the brave people of Palestine and the growing condemnation of the peoples of the world against a “rogue” State that violates international law. The unyielding resistance of Palestine will be rewarded sooner than later with the smiles of the children of a free homeland.

Against Israeli terrorism and U.S. imperialism, in defense of the inalienable rights of Palestine and all the peoples of the world !

For Adhesions :

Initial signatures :

Evo Morales, Bolivia ; Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Argentina ; Pablo González Casanova, México ; Eduardo Galeano, Uruguay ; Roberto Fernández Retamar, Cuba ; Federico Mayor Zaragoza, España ; Silvio Rodríguez, Cuba ; Luis Arce Catacora, Bolivia ; Gianni Vattimo, Italia ; Gabriela Rivadeneira, Ecuador ; Alice Walker, Estados Unidos ; István Meszáros, Hungría/Reino Unido ; Samir Amin, Egipto ; Alfonso Sastre, País Vasco ; Nardi Suxo, Bolivia ; Enrique Dussel, México ; Marta Harnecker, Chile ; Carmen Bohorquez, Venezuela ; Cesar Navarro, Bolivia ; Miguel Barnet , Cuba ; Franz Hinkelammert, Alemania ; Héctor Arce Zaconeta, Bolivia ; Piedad Córdoba, Colombia ; Reverendo Raúl Suárez, Cuba ; Martín Almada, Paraguay ; Camille Chalmers Haïti ; Fernando Rendón, Colombia ; Graziella Pogolloti, Cuba ; Sacha Llorenti, Bolivia ; Ana Esther Ceceña, México ; Luis Britto, Venezuela ; Rafael Cancel Miranda, Puerto Rico ; Atilio Boron, Argentina ; Theotonio Dos Santos, Brasil ; Alfredo Rada, Bolivia ; Farruco Sesto, Venezuela ; Ángel Guerra Cabrera, Cuba/ México ; Juan Carlos Trujillo, Bolivia ; Mel Zelaya, Honduras ; Hildebrando Pérez Grande, Perú ; Patricia Villegas, Colombia/Venezuela ; María Nela Prada, Bolivia ; Stella Calloni, Argentina ; Omar González, Cuba ; Hugo Moldiz, Bolivia ; Pascual Serrano, España ; Raúl Pérez Torres, Ecuador ; Obispo Raúl Vera, México ; Joao Pedro Stedile, Brasil ; Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Portugal ; Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras, Cuba ; Socorro Gomes, Brasil ; Katu Arkonada, País Vasco/Bolivia.

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